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Student Events, 2017–2018


The following general guidelines apply to all Hartford Chapter CSMTA youth and adult student programs and events. Teachers are expected to comply with these general guidelines, and with each program’s specific requirements. In order to assure fairness, exceptions may not be made.

Thanks and appreciation to all chairs, committees, and teachers whose effort and generous support make possible the success of Hartford Chapter’s many fine student events.

Youth Recitals

1st Youth Recital Saturday, October 28, 2017, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Shawn’s Piano, 221 Newfield Avenue #1, Hartford, CT 06106

Registration postmark deadline: October 8
Registration form for the first youth recital.

2nd Youth Recital February 24, 2018

Avon Public Library
281 Country Club Rd, Avon

General Rules for all Youth Recitals

Animal-Themed Recital

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, 1 pm

Shawn’s Piano, 221 Newfield Avenue #1, Hartford, CT 06106

Registration postmark deadline: Nov. 1, 2017
Registration form for the first youth recital.

Animal Piece list.

Adult Student Recitals

1st Adult Student Recital Friday, December 1, 2017, 7 pm

Shawn's Piano
221 Newfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT

Registration Form for the First Adult Student Recital
Registration deadline: Nov. 17

2nd Adult Student Recital Saturday, June 2, 2018 7:00 pm

Shawn's Piano
221 Newfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT

Any questions contact hikztpao2005@zijnsvihs.ulaBruce David Smith.

Young Composers Day

Young Composers 2018 Saturday, February 24, 2018, 4:00 pm

Hilltop Covenant Church
82 Hicksville Rd
Cromwell, CT

Pre-college students of any age, level, or instrument, of teachers in any chapter, may participate in this Hartford Chapter event. Please submit original compositions, registration form, and $10 per student fee by February 14, to Carolyn Halsted, 18 McKenzie Street, Middletown, CT 06457.

Teachers, please write one check, payable to Hartford Chapter CSMTA, for all your participating students. Handwritten manuscripts must be in the student's own handwriting, and be legible and easy to photocopy. Computer-printed music must have 1” margins. Please orient the pages vertically. In deciding whether to have your student write by hand or print on computer, please choose the method that will provide the best learning experience. All compositions will be included in this year's composition.

For more information, contact npunyfgrq@jrfyrlna.rqhCarolyn Halsted.

Registration Form for Young Composers Day

Spring Festival

Spring Festival 2018 March 17, 2018

Music of the Classical Period

Asylum Hill Congregational Church
814 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT

Purpose: Spring Festival is offered in order to stimulate young local musicians to expand their repertoire and to strive towards excellence through an annual non-competitive event.

Structure: Spring Festival presents a four-year rotation through major periods of Western classical music: Baroque Period, Classical Period, Romantic and Impressionist Period, Modern and Contemporary Period. Spring Festival features solo division as well as duet division.

Eligibility: The teacher must be an active member of Hartford Chapter CSMTA. Students of ages 7 through 18 are eligible, with one exception: Students entering Hartford Chapter’s Select Students Compeition or Audrey Thayer Competition are NOT eligible to enter the solo divisions of Spring Festival. They are eligible to enter the duet division.

Musician Achievement Program (MAP)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Asylum Hill Congregational Church
814 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT

Registration Deadline: postmark by Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Mail your registration forms with payment (one check per studio only) to: Suzan Korman, 100 Old Maids Lane, South Glastonbury CT 06073.

MAP (Musicianship Achievement Program) is a guide to the study of music for the independent teacher to use for private students in the pre-college years. This well-integrated, non-competitive, state-wide program is designed to be flexible enough to serve the needs of all students without compromising high standards. The materials included at each of ten levels divide into the general areas of theory and performance. The written theory and aural awareness exams are required. The performance exam, consisting of keyboard skills and playing of two or three memorized pieces for a qualified judge, is optional. Certificates are awarded to all successful participants, and performers receive written evaluations and a pin. There are no rules governing age and level of participation. Students who have participated successfully for five years are awarded a plaque. See Guidelines and Rules for information.

The student is made to feel proud of her/his accomplishments. The teacher has another organizing and motivating tool to use. The parents are able to follow their child's progress at first hand and in close detail. All teachers are urged to consider MAP as a part of every student's course of study.

All participating students must be registered through their teachers, who are required to collect fees and send one check only for the total of their students' fees. Individual student registrations are not accepted, and will be returned. Please use the 2017 registration form to register students for MAP, which lists the current registration fees for each level. You may order the program materials for MAP using the order form.

Students unable to register for the Hartford Chapter MAP may wish to participate at one of the other sites. Use a separate registration form for each site.

This program cannot run without its teachers, and all teachers are expected to assist on MAP day. Please indicate your preferred time (morning or afternoon) on the registration form. For more information contact the Hartford Chapter MAP chair: oHkwbywsgis@vchaowz.qcaSuzan Korman: (860) 657-8284.